January 31, 2015

Nail Polish Fads

Nail Polish. The importance of having well groomed, nice and neat finger (and toe) nails cannot be expressed enough! At any given time you can catch me wearing nail polish by OPI. My top favorites are OPI Red, Barefoot in Barcelona, (which is a soft beige color) or a simple clear top coat by OPI. I personally love these colors because they work well with my complexion and I feel great wearing them!

OPI is my favorite brand of nail polish because of its great quality, lasting wear and vibrant colors. The selections and variety (although I’m a pretty simple girl; I only stick to three) are endless and they continue to come out with more! Recently, a friend of mine introduced me to a nail polish line by Deborah Lippmann. I was shocked that this nail polish was about $16.00 a bottle! And the bottles aren’t all that big! She explained to me how this is an exclusive line and that the quality is superb! I was thinking, yeah, it better be for $16.00! One of Ms. Lippmanns’ specialty niches is that each of her polishes are inspired and/or named after an “iconic figure”. There’s “Satin Doll”, created with Mariah Carey, “Believe” created with Cher, “Supermodel”, created with Supermodel Dree Hemingway and “No More Drama”, created with Mary J. Blige just to name a few. Really catchy isn’t it?

And now for the latest fad in nail polish. The Crackle Nail. I can personally never get with this. I do a double take when I see it on someone’s nails and just the thought that it is even “fashionably acceptable” personally blows me away! But that’s how trends can be sometimes! Both OPI and China Glaze have this unique nail polish available to make this look possible. To achieve this look you must: 1) Apply a base coat over nails and allow it to dry. 2) Apply the OPI or China Glaze crackle nail polish over the base coat and allow it to dry. You should see the crackling begin to form about 5 minutes after application. 3) Apply your finishing coat in order to give your nails some shine! Although I’m still on the fence about this new crackling nail polish, it is a trend that many have adapted to. Starlets in Hollywood and even some close friends really seem to love it! Enjoy!


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